Scar Tissue is a new work for vocal ensemble and piano trio. It was commissioned in the fall of 2017 by the Gryphon Trio, in partnership with Chamber Factory, and in collaboration with Canadian composer Jeffrey Ryan, Giller Award-winning poet and author Michael Redhill, and American biomedical engineer and new-music aficionado Glenn Prestwich.

Last February, Michael Redhill completed nine short poems that serve as the text for the composition. Jeffrey Ryan is now in the final stages of setting Redhill’s words to music.

“We all carry scars,” says Ryan. “In life, we have all been wounded in some way. Scar Tissue evokes the process of healing through words and music, ultimately leading the listener to a place of renewal and promise.”

Scar Tissue is the centrepiece of a series of performances that the Gryphon Trio will present over the next several years with Norway’s acclaimed a capella ensemble, Nordic Voices. Together with Nordic Voices, we perform excerpts from the new work in Oslo on November 7. We premiere Scar Tissue in Ottawa next February at the Chamberfest 2018-19 Concert Series. Concert Series subscriptions and tickets are on sale now at or by calling 613-234-6306.